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Ink Maine - 58 Congress Street - Rumford, Maine - 207-364-1550

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InkMaine Is a Tattoo & Art Shop Owned By Artist Kris Howes. 
Opened 08.12.'10.  Specializing in Hand Drawing Custom Tattoos, No off the wall Flash Designs here, Just Personal Sketchs & One-Time Use Only Designs and Equipment.  Custom fit to Your Personality, with your Ideas. With over 10 Years Tattooing experience,  Wide variety of styles; Realistic, Animated, & Floral Nature, Black & Grey & Tribal, Full Color, Cover & Fix-Ups, Lettering, Etc, & also Basic Body Piercings as well as a wide variety of Body Jewelry (Surgical Steel & Handmade Organic), T-Shirts, & Other Merchandise to suit your needs.

Need an Artist for Hire?...Services InkMaine Can Provide
Body Art = Tattoos ~ Piercings ~ Dermals & Removal
Body Jewelry = Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Sale Every Day!
Designs & Logos = Drawings, Business Cards, Logos, Gifts, Etc
Paintings = Custom 
Signs, Canvas, Saw Blades, Slate Paintings, Etc
3D Work = Wood Work & Burning, Custom Built Items..

InkMaine can paint your Business a Custom Sign, or Design Your Logo to fit your needs for Advertising, Business Cards, Shirts, or anything else! Need something Painted Or Built? From Saw Blade or Canvas Paintings for your walls, to custom items or wood working Designs. How about a Website? Talk to us about all your ideas! 
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Seeking Clients Wishing to Cover Scars with Tattoos.
Gaskyl Productions is in the process of starting 3RD EYE VISIONS,  (A new way to view your tattoo through a live up close video recordings, layered with time lapse video, photos, & music. Click below for examples) 
-Tattoo Artist Kris Howes feels very experienced with cover up Tattoos, and also covering scars.  Seeking someone to let their scar be covered in a video documentary about the process.   If you have any sort of accidental, surgical, or any type of scar, please submit a picture of it to InkMaine.com. 
Your Scar MUST Follow these next guidelines...
The bigger & more visable of a scar, the better.  It must be fully healed.  You must be 18 years+, comfortable showing the scar(s), talking about the experience, & up close pictures/video of the tattoo process, and must come back for possible touch ups and follow up photos after healing.  Design options are based on client ideas & comformity with covering options.  Price of tattoo will be discounted heavily.
-Large and/or highly noticable Surgical Scar
-Large Accidental Injury Scar
-Burn Scar, consisting of healed wrinkled or porious skin.
-Stretch Marks, Large or Multiple on Biceps & Stomach/rib

If you would like an incredible deal on getting your scar covered,
E-mail multiple pictures of your scar, Reason for scar, possible tattoo ideas, & contact info to

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